Decorative Diffuser Set

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Decorative Diffuser Set

The naturally porous structure of Fruits & Passion diffusion materials makes them excellent conductors. They imbibe the perfume and diffuse it through capillary action, allowing aromas to spread through the air.

This set contains:

  • A ceramic vase
  • Decorative reeds

Fruits & Passion is committed to conducting business in a manner that attempts to manage environmental issues responsibly.

  • Refill available
  • Reusable vase


  • Pour the Fruits & passion liquid of your choice into the vase designed for this purpose, using a Fruits & Passion funnel.
  • Insert Fruits & Passion reeds into the vase, making sure their bases touch the liquid.
  • The diffusion material will absorb the liquid and gradually diffuse fragrance into the air over the course of several weeks.

NOTE: For best results, after 8 weeks, replace the diffusion material and the diffuser fragrance. With time, the diffusion material will absorb the fragrance and become saturated. To refresh the look and the scent, different diffusion material and fragrance refills are available in stores.

These parameters have been established for Fruits & Passion diffuser set elements (vase, fragrance and diffusion materials). Fruits & Passion does not guarantee similar results with other materials.


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