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Hand soap with olive oil refill


Economical and eco-conscious!

This refill helps extend the life of your original bottle and reduce waste.

For centuries, olives have been cultivated along the shores of the Mediterranean. Their oil, which is prized for its extraordinary cosmetic properties, cleans delicate skin while shielding it from dehydration.

Cucina Purifying Hand Wash is specially designed for use in the kitchen, and blends extra virgin olive oil and other olive derivates with purifying properties. Softly scented, this natural-origin product is biodegradable and mild on skin.

A blend of Sanguinelli orange and anise-spiked fennel, this fragrance is both subtle and refined.

Best scent ever

Love the scent especially when it was the all-purpose cleaner. Perfect for kitchen and love how soft it leaves your hands. Miss all the stores to check out the new scents.

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