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Hand soap with olive oil refill


This refill helps prolong the life of your decorative bottle and reduce waste.

Olives have been cultivated along the shores of the Mediterranean for centuries. Known for its cosmetic properties, it protects and softens skin. Specially designed for use in the kitchen, the biodegradable Cucina Hand Soap cleans hands effectively and gently. It is made with olive oil* and other softening and revitalizing plant extracts. Delicately scented, it rinses off completely to avoid interfering with the flavor of your favorite foods.

Aromatic fragrance that unites the vibrant character of rosemary with delicately spiced notes of cardamom.

*First cold press olive oil from the Mediterranean.

Rosemary & Cardamom hand soap.

I just love this hand soap. It has a subtle fragrance that makes it ideal for the kitchen or bathroom, and I use it in both places. My hands stay soft because of the olive oil, and even with the winter we had last time, they never became dry and sore.


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