Fruits & Passion hand, face and body care products come in a delightful range of fragrances. Our creams, butters, tonics and lotions are designed to help your skin look its dewy, radiant best. Our home and kitchen products help create warm, inviting spaces inspired by the aromas of the Mediterranean. From home fragrances and perfumed candles to moisturizing hand soaps, regenerating hand creams and eco-friendly dish detergents—we’ve thought of everything to make your time in the kitchen that much more enjoyable.


The Cucina kitchen collection takes you on a journey into the heart of Italy, all from the comfort of home! Discover our fresh, aromatic fragrances designed specifically for the kitchen. Cooking will become your favourite part of the day! The delicious aromas that fill your home are sure to have your guests’ mouths watering. The fragrances in the Cucina collection are available in an array of products, including home fragrances, perfumed candles, dish detergents, hand soaps and regenerating creams to inspire your inner epicurean.


To treat the sensitive skin on your face, hands, or feet, the beauty collection offers scrubs, cleansers and moisturizers that will noticeably improve the appearance of skin while making it more radiant. Their delicately scented formulas make your daily beauty routine a snap!


What’s more revitalizing than fresh fruit? Vitality fragrances from Fruits & Passion offer fruity combinations that will delight your senses and leave a lingering scent that will last all day. Whether you prefer an understated effect or want heads to turn every time you walk into a room, we have your signature scent. With variations in a range of products to moisturize and perfume your skin and fire up your senses, you’re sure to find the fragrance you can’t live without. And now you don’t have to!


Pamper your body and delight your senses with perfumed products in fragrances such as Ocean Flower, Lavender Shades and Coconut Monoi. Bring the spa home with you and enjoy a quiet moment in the bath with our foaming baths, shower gels and moisturizing creams and butters. Create the perfect Zen moment with our perfumed candles in your favourite fragrances! But pampering isn’t just for the tub—with our fragrant body mist, you can take that luxurious spa feeling with you all day long. Because nothing’s better than being enveloped in your signature scent!


Fruits & Passion offers a full bouquet of home fragrances to make your home smell irresistibly fragrant to your guests. Choose fruity or flowery notes and create your unique ambiance with fragrance diffusers, perfumed candles and room sprays. Used in the kitchen or the rest of the home, our refined products are made using environmentally friendly, water based formulas. Banish bad odours or just make your home smell even better with our six fragrances.

Fine Fragrance

Soft, refined and oh-so feminine—discover the fine fragrance that fits you like a glove, and wear it with pride! Our scents come in a range of fruity and outdoorsy blends to bring a little sun into your day. Whether you choose the eau de toilette, foaming bath, shower gel, perfumed body cream or milk, or just the hand cream, Lily, Tara and Kate will become your best friends. Perfumed products in the same fragrances perfectly compliment the eaux de toilette, for a long-lasting sensory experience.