Fruits & Passion offers a full bouquet of home fragrances to make your home smell irresistibly fragrant to your guests. Choose fruity or flowery notes and create your unique ambiance with fragrance diffusers, perfumed candles and room sprays.

Used in the kitchen or the rest of the home, our refined products are made using environmentally friendly, water based formulas. Banish bad odours or just make your home smell even better with our six fragrances.


Infuse your home with a perfumed aura that transcends traditional candles and add instant style to your décor. Or give your passengers a whole new olfactory experience in the car. Aura diffusion systems offer innovative new features and radiate divine fragrances, each of which speak to the different ambiance personalities and styles in your home. Accessories in a blend of textures and raw materials will add that special sparkle to your interior design.

Fruits of the Orchard

Fruits of the Orchard wraps you in a subtle and soothing bouquet of peach, pineapple and apple for a refined ambiance in the home.

Orange Cinnamon

Take pleasure in discovering this enveloping fragrance featuring fruity notes mingled with spice and sweet wine accents.

Tropical Rhythm

Escape and unwind with the peach, mango and grapefruit aromas of Tropical Rhythm and bring the spirit of summer into your home!


Fragrance marrying gardenias and orchids to create a breath of fresh air that says spring is here.

Winter Berries

This mild, aromatic fragrance evokes the subtle scent of frosted berries combined with the heady aroma of a cedar forest in winter.

Frosted Birch

This fragrance evokes the woody freshness of birch in winter and the comforting warmth of cotton with a touch of jasmine for a statement of elegance.

Warm Honey

This gourmet and sophisticated fragrance blends the sweet notes of country honey to vanilla's hearty aromas to fill your home with peace and serenity.

Boreal Fir

This fragrance expresses the aromatic power of fir enveloped by a touch of spice against warm woody base notes.

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