What’s more revitalizing than fresh fruit? Vitality fragrances from Fruits & Passion offer fruity combinations that will delight your senses and leave a lingering scent that will last all day. Whether you prefer an understated effect or want heads to turn every time you walk into a room, we have your signature scent.

With variations in a range of products to moisturize and perfume your skin and fire up your senses, you’re sure to find the fragrance you can’t live without. And now you don’t have to!

Sparkling Pomegranate

Feel the sparkling energy of sunny summer days with this new fruity fragrance. Refreshing  notes of pomegranate, orange and peach will energize your day.

Field Berries

This sweet, velvety fragrance starts with red berry notes, then follows with woody base notes, making it delicious and ultra feminine.

Apple Illusion

The light, delightfully sparkling fragrance of apple underscores floral, woody notes of acacia in a scent that’s soft, yet full of character.

Orange Cantaloup

Let the citrus notes of this enchanting fragrance enhance your natural radiance. The freshness of orange and sweetness of cantaloup will have you all aglow.

Grapefruit Guava

Grapefruit and exotic fruits mingle in this fragrance that’s sparkling, radiant and bursting with fruit essence. One of Fruits & Passion’s rising stars, its sweet and floral notes are sure to inspire.

Pear Peony

This delicate, ultra-feminine scent blends sophisticated pear with floral peony. A sensual delight sure to leave a lasting impression.

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