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Decorative Diffuser Fragrance


This fragrance can be used in the Fruits & Passion decorative diffuser set to delicately perfume the air of your home. It diffuses fragrance into the air for 6 to 8 weeks. For optimal results, the fragrance and the reeds should be changed at the same time (refills of reeds offered).

A delicate blend of coriander seeds and olive wood, this sophisticated fragrance is both aromatic and slightly woody.

An Absolute Obsession!

I have absolutely loved this scent, Coriander and Olive Tree ever since the first time that I had the pleasure of experiencing its herbal freshness!
Ahhhhh.....mmmmmmm.....enveloping my body, my mind suddenly I found myself craving this scent and a strong desire to have it in everything! Not just hand wash and in my kitchen but, in body lotion, body spray, shower gel, everything and everywhere...
It's been 14 years since that first time and nothing has changed, I still want this in my life everywhere. I have truly found my scent. This is so delightful, clean, fresh, herbal, light, and natural all wrapped up in one.
Thank you for this perfect scent and please, don't ever stop making it!

Everyone should try at least once and especially if you do not care for flowery, powdery, strong, "perfumie" scents.


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