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Decorative Diffuser Fragrance Lime Zest and Cypress 20670540050


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Size : 4.2 fl oz

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Decorative Diffuser Fragrance


Designed for use with the Cucina Decorative Scented Ensemble, this fragrance will imbue your kitchen or any other room of your choosing with a Mediterranean-fresh scent.

One bottle of fragrance is enough to revive your Cucina scented ensemble for an additional 6 to 8 weeks.

Get optimal results by changing the reeds at the same time as the fragrance using a reed refill. (reeds refill available).

Tangy lime zest and woody cypress notes make for a dazzlingly fresh, sunny fragrance.

Greatest Product Ever!!!

I have bought and used " Cucina " for as long as I can remember....I'm in love with the fragrance....I need it in my home daily :-) Thank you for making such a nice clean smell ! HAPPY NEW YEAR, Sincerely, Cyd Marie


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