Decorative Diffuser Fragrance Fruits of the Orchard

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4.2 fl oz
Fruits of the Orchard
This fragrance can be used in the Fruits & Passion decorative diffuser set to delicately perfume the air of your home. It diffuses fragrance into the air for 6 to 8 weeks. For optimal results, the fragrance and the reeds should be changed at the same time (refills of reeds offered). Infuse your home with a fragrance that exudes notes of cozy comfort.
Fill your home with the comforting fragrance of Fruits of the Orchard, a blend of authentic fruits like peaches, pineapples and apples.
Fruits & Passion is committed to conducting business in a manner that attempts to manage environmental issues responsibly.
  • Formulated without DE/DEH phthalate, formaldehyde and benzene
  • Product not tested on animals
  • No ingredients derived from animals
  • Recyclable bottle
  • Made in Canada
  • • Pour the Fruits & passion liquid of your choice into the vase designed for this purpose.
  • • Insert Fruits & Passion reeds into the container, making sure their bases touch the liquid.
  • • The diffusion material will absorb the liquid and gradually diffuse fragrance into the air over the course of several weeks.

 *These parameters have been established for Fruits & Passion diffuser set elements (vase, fragrance and diffusion materials). Fruits & Passion does not guarantee similar results with other materials.